New Top-Secret Base Was Discovered Right Near AREA 51

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Scott W̳a̳r̳ing, a U̳F̳O̳ researcher, has identified a new hidden building in Nevada, around 50 kilometers from AREA 51.

This base is thought to be hidden in the Nevada mountains, near the Onada Reservoir in Pine Creek. Genetic research is something that the secret services can do. But, as we’ll see, this is simply a conjecture.

“I was looking at the map and I was looking at A̳r̳e̳a̳ 51 when I spotted a new building on the map,” Scott said. This new structure looks to be a recently constructed hidden base.

“There are big vents at one end of the base that let fresh air into the subterranean complex. Then there’s a pair of grassy fields with some houses around the base.”

“This area seems to be suitable for genetic study.” Do they alter the ĎŇÃ of plants for unexplained reasons? This concerns me… because if they are doing genetic research… then why do they need an underground research base? Unless it also involves other studies that might put the public in risk.”

What mysteries do you believe this facility in AREA 51 may contain?

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