Queen Elizabeth was Reptilian according to theories

Chưa phân loại

Queen Elizabeth was actually a hespe of draconian and archonic energy and was a CLONE. Dracos and AI work together. She was cloned because she was the top of the Cabal’s structure. She was on top of the Vatican’s treasury and gold and was the leader of the Rothchilds. I controlled the banking dynasties. And her body was used by the reptilian collective because it contained the highest concentration of draco genetics. Coming from Orion.

or the star system Alpha Draconis from a planet called An.

Hence came the Draconian royal bloodline which is where the Lucifer bloodline came from. It was the same bloodline that infiltrated Atlantis and collapsed it. The same one that caused suffering and pain for thousands and thousands of years.

But your time is up. And why was it important for me to disappear?

The truth is that his last clone was eliminated by the “White Hats” and the Alliance. But they wouldn’t announce it to the world and make it look like a natural death. The reason was because it was a host of Archontic energy and of the reprilian collective. It was used to run and organize the network of child sacrifices by the Rothchilds and lower Cabal families and their underlings.

It was the head and reason why 800,000 children go missing every year and why the adrenochrome extraction through the suffering inflicted on so many of them for so many years.

The energy of their crimes against humanity was obtained off-planet by archontic and reptiloid entities. There wasn’t a soul in her body, as clones have no soul. He was the head of the entire Luciferian Beast system. The fact that this is no longer marks the beginning of a whole new era, because now the rest will begin to be eliminated.

I want to assure you that this global plandemic treaty that is supposed to be part of the supposed one world government led by the World Health Organization WILL NOT HAPPEN! Because Earth is under the jurisdiction of the benevolent forces of the Galactic Federation, the Pleyadians and the Syrian High Council.

We are no longer under the control of the Dracos. The reptilians lost the ground war as well as the space war as they were defeated in 2016 and as a result the White Hats pushed a better system behind the scenes that would benefit humanity.

They have been building the infrastructure that will be initiated by the emergency broadcast system and the Nesara Gesara system that will totally destroy the Beast’s system.

And as I write these words, both the White Hats, the Earth Alliance and the Federation Forces are preparing the Great DISCLOSURE!

The old concept of the New World Order Illuminati has been destroyed! Earth is now on a safe and positive timeline.

WELCOME to the New Earth!


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