NASA: “There will be a Moon base for humans in 2028” (Video)

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NASA has come up with a project that aims to establish sustainable human life on the Moon by sending astronauts to the satellite starting in 2024.

These astronauts are expected to be prepared to stay, settle and sustain themselves on our satellite. All of this will have a deadline, as NASA wants the base to be fully established by 2028. This is the first step in bringing life to Mars.

NASA project to create a base on the Moon
This ambitious project was presented to the media during the second day of Le Bournet Air Show in northern Paris.

Jim Bridenstine , NASA administrator for the date, was responsible for his presentation. The politician stated that the mission was defined by Donald Trump in 2017 and that the goal is to achieve sustainable life on the satellite.

With this, we want to propose the creation of an orbital platform that, at least, can sustain itself for a period of 15 years. This to use it as a base to study and analyze all possible places on the satellite.

It is also intended to serve as a first step to sufficiently prepare and study everything needed in terms of resources and instrumentation to get to Mars. This trip would require a minimum of 2 years to stay on the Moon.

The orbital platform for the mission has been dubbed “Artemis” and will carry all the research carried out by the International Space Station, which has been inhabited for about 20 years.

It is also planned to test through this platform the technology that will be used to develop the trip to the red planet. This can be considered one of the main reasons, since it is planned to study the Martian atmosphere in person.

First step to go to Mars
Bridenstine confirmed that the cost of said project was between 20,000 and 30,000 million dollars. With that budget, they would reach the goal in about 5 years, with astronauts on the lunar surface.

Not including the exploration missions that can be carried out or the guarantee of sustainable human permanence on the satellite.

The former NASA administrator hinted at the possibility of bringing in new partners for the mission, and extensive cooperation was established with Canada and the European Space Agency. They also want to collaborate with C̳h̳i̳n̳a̳ and Russia so they can get their own astronauts to the Moon.

The politician concluded that Artemis would go quite differently from Apollo 11, as this time he would travel with the intention of staying. Using all necessary and available resources, in addition to counting on international cooperation.

Recall that Trump mentioned in 2019 that he wanted NASA to return to the Moon and that in the future it would reach Mars. That\’s why he increased the space agency\’s budget. However, it remains to be seen whether Joe Biden holds to this idea.

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