The catastrophe of a UFO on the surface of the Moon

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Mankind in search of traces of intelligent civilizations turns its eyes to the vast and remote expanses of our universe, but it would be better if all the technological power of our space programs were directed not at infinite distances, but much closer to the moon of our planet.

La catástrofe de un OVNI en la superficie de la Luna

Have you ever wondered why humanity sends cosmic probes to the outskirts of our galaxy, sends automatic stations to Venus and Mars on the surface of which various Mars rovers are conducting research, but does not pay attention to the planet located very close? of it, and if by cosmic standards it is entirely for our planet.

Is the Moon not interested in autonomists and the most developed states with all their space programs are not interested in studying it? A natural question arises: why and what is the reason for ignoring the possibility of studying the Earth’s satellite?

And I’m not even talking about the fact that on the Moon for a long time you could create space bases or send a lot of lunar rovers there, no one can even send a few satellites there, which would make detailed and main quality photos of its surface.

Even the Americans who supposedly landed on the Moon, which is usually a separate topic of conversation in the sense of whether this was an epoch-making event in general, and therefore even they can’t take photos of their landing sites, traces of its astronauts and the notorious American flag that is supposedly still there on the surface of the Moon flies proudly like a space petrel.

No, not even the almighty NASA, which sent the rover to the red planet and showered humanity with stunning color images of the Martian surface, cannot make high-quality images of its landing sites on the Moon, and as evidence there is blurred photos with some points that they claim are landing module and flag.

We can photograph exoplanets from a distance, we can travel around Mars and send back excellent quality images, but we cannot take a picture of the surface of the Moon that flies right under our noses. Really? Images of the moon’s surface are always shown in such quality, as if NASA did not have the opportunity to install good photographic equipment on the satellite and instead a cheap Chinese phone is taped up.

La catástrofe de un OVNI en la superficie de la Luna

The only satellite that photographs the surface of the Moon is the automatic interplanetary station LRO. For an example of the quality of the photographic equipment, an image presented by NASA is installed here, as a proof of the reality of landing on the moon in the «Apollo» missions.

Incredible true? In 2018, the human civilization can take photos of their own companion in this capacity.

In connection with the complete absence of alternative data on the surface of the moon, the researchers have to use what is. It was no exception and your humble servant. Long days of searching on the LRO site allowed us to find quite clear photos of little-known places on the Moon about which nothing is written in the media and where I discovered very interesting artifacts.

I’ll start with perhaps the most interesting, that is, with a crashed UFO on the moon. This object I found in a photograph of the terrain (a stretch 3 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide) near the lunar crater Giordano Bruno located a 22-kilometer crater on the far side of the Moon, near its northeast corner.

The satellite made this photo from a height of one and a half kilometers, and in connection with this it is necessary to take into account the fact that the size of this UFO only seems small, but in fact it is a large spacecraft whose dimensions are only approximately. to more than 100 meters in diameter.

La catástrofe de un OVNI en la superficie de la Luna

La catástrofe de un OVNI en la superficie de la Luna

The object is disk-shaped with tiers-bulges on the disks that make up the body. In the central part of the main disk-shaped casing, the motor, life and control compartment of this apparatus seems to be located. This part of the cigar-shaped throughout the body, and at the rear you can see a large square-shaped bulge, similar to felling.

In the photo, we see a part of the ship and completely cut off with felling, and the second half of the unit is immersed in the lunar soil. The fact that this unknown craft was destroyed can be judged by its position on the surface, as well as an interesting trace of the impact on the surface located on the left side of the craft.

The fact that this device has nothing to do with terrestrial technologies, in my opinion, does not cause any doubt.

So maybe the reason. that people no one shows images of the moon’s surface in such a resolution that it would be clearly visible objects not only a hundred meters long, but the smallest ones are covered, for once at that. that the Moon has long been occupied by another more advanced civilization, to which such popularity is completely useless and the governments of the Earth are aware of this and ignore the study of the lunar surface…


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