Former Area 51 engineer reveals, “In terms of technology, we are working with an alien race.”

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A 71-year-old retired engineer has indicated on several occasions throughout his career that he formerly worked for Area 51. In recent interviews, he has revealed that he was there when an extraterrestrial who was being held there was really brought up.

Bill Uhouse was the engineer described before, and as you can see straight away, he knows a lot about what goes on behind the closed doors of Area 51.

He spoke out on several occasions about the extraterrestrial housed there known as “JRod,” but he never received the respect he earnt, and when he passed back in 2009, this planet lost one of the biggest whistleblowers of all time.

A vast subterranean system consisting of extraterrestrial technology can be seen in this image he posted. Area 51 engineers labor diligently to reverse engineer any piece of alien technology they can get their hands on.

The aliens are identified as EBEs, or Extraterrestrial Biological Entities, according to Bill, and a huge percent of them are not humanoid.

The Greys, Tall Northern aliens, and Reptilians are the ones we know about. The Greys are also divided into three groups based on their size: tall Greys, little Greys, and medium Greys.

Bill mentioned in his most recent interview that we had a peace pact between the United States and the United Nations that’s been signed during President Eisenhower’s presidency, which is why we keep them hidden while acquiring more sophisticated technology on a regular basis.

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