Chưa phân loại

John Lear, a former CIA pilot, claimed that the Moon is actually inhabitable after all and most importantly that it has a population of well over 250 million already. Conspiracy theorists all around the globe instantly went wild as soon as the statement was issued.

He talked about how he came across strange structures on the surface of Mars and he even brought forth a series of pictures that are meant to prove his point.

But he is not the first of the bunch as the same has been stated by many different amateur astronomers so far as they claim that a sort of a holograph projection could be spotted on the Moon’s surface in the past.

Most theorists out there believe in the fact that there are aliens on the Moon as we speak, so this hologram could actually be our means of proving this after all.

In the official interview with Lear, we can see him take out pictures of what appears to be an observatory on the Moon in 1947. This is apparently quite ravaged though as a huge cataclysmic event apparently took place north-west of the Endymion crater in the past.

The Moon is also allegedly 40 million years old by now too, as it was constructed during the Ice Age 40 million years ago. The inhabitants of the Moon are humanoid aliens in nature, and amongst them also lie the Greys. Our planet on the other hand is a prison for our kind, one we are never allowed to leave.

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