They capture a UFO passing through Earth’s atmosphere (Video)

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A UFO that was coming from space to Earth and something else that was leaving our planet were captured on camera by an amateur astronomer and ufologist.

Esfera luminosa no País de Gales: OVNI é pego voando sobre o céu noturno

With his telescope, Eric of UFOvni2012 scanned the sky on October 10th as he did every day to look for unidentified flying objects and caught something quite disturbing.

Suddenly, he was scanning the sky when he noticed an item that, unlike meteors that are falling to Earth, is accelerating in space and leaving a very clear trail of its speed.

But as soon as he focused on the planet through his telescope, he saw something even more incredible. A large enigmatic light is blindly moving in front of its victim.

The dazzling light that fills the entire recording frame can be seen in the slow motion video image every frame at 30 frames per second, it does not fall off normally and it is not a meteor.

What could we be doing? Could it be a satellite that is collapsing? Or maybe an alien spacecraft is approaching our planet?

When we think of this terrifying recording of Eric from UFOvni2012, we ask ourselves a few questions. We think our Belgian friend has successfully captured an unidentified flying object, or UFO.

Because of the lamp, he said that it is mathematically impossible for us to be in front of an airplane. A meteor wouldn’t be considered either because it wouldn’t have those colored lines at its entrance.

Everything points to the fact that we will see more attractions of this type in the coming weeks, the video amply demonstrates their presence and ability to coexist with us despite the fact that we are “blind” to them.

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