Mysterious Mars Anomaly – Egyptian-Style Ancient Statues Were Spotted on Mars

Chưa phân loại

Digital technology has revolutionized archaeology. Virtual archaeologists discover incredible artifacts and odd buildings on Mars by analyzing photos from NASA

It is possible that Mars was once home to a large amount of life. This was also evident from its highly evolved and developed past

Recently, some sculptures and tombs were discovered. Scott Warring found something very similar to the Egyptian Pharaohs sarcophagi. He increased the contrast to make the sculptures stand out.

Warring was able to conclude that Mars had an ancient, highly advanced civilisation. It came to Earth for a reason and was adopted as gods by the Ancient Egyptians. As you may know, this hypothesis is not novel. It is possible that Egypt was chosen as the deployment location because it was the most advanced society of the time. Also, Egypt’s topographical circumstances are very similar to Mars. Further evidence was found on Mars of an ancient civilisation. One example was a tomb that resembled the Japanese Kofun. Ufologists still recall the bizarre Martian figure, which looked almost like an Amazonian. What are the odds? Perhaps the Amazons descend from the Martians.

However, the majority is skeptical of such views and Scott Warring is viewed as a fantasist. We do see that the official website of the Taiwanese UFOologist is full of positive comments and support.


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