Dead Sea Scrolls Reveal ‘Noah’s Ark Was a Pyramid’

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Noah’s Ark was discovered to have a pyramidal shape when new technologies were used to analyze the Dead Sea Scrolls.


Seven scrolls were found by a shepherd over 50 years ago in the Qumran caves in the Judean desert in the West Bank. The size of this document is the largest ever discovered in the area. Due to their proximity to the lake, they are often referred to as the Dead Sea Scrolls.

None of them compare to the newly discovered pyramid-shaped Noah’s Ark, despite the uproar they caused.

Noah’s Ark was a pyramid according to the Dead Sea Scrolls
The writings of the Dead Sea Scrolls include biblical and extra-biblical tales. They provide historians with a new perspective on the past and shed new light on the Abrahamic religions.

The most recent discovery of its kind was discovered when experts used 28 times the resolution of conventional scans to scan a portion of a Dead Sea Scroll. She revealed that Noah’s ark had a pyramidal design.

After the Hebrew phrase “the height of the ark” in the scrolls, scholars have been unable to decipher another word. However, they discovered that the word was “ne’esefet” thanks to advanced technology.

Was she Egyptian?


Ne’esefet, which translates from Hebrew to English as “gathered together,” indicates that the “ribs” of the ark were joined together at the top to form a pyramid of sorts, according to Dr. Alexey Yuditsky of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  He is also sure that previous research confirms this finding.

According to Yuditsky, the third-century BC Greek translation of the Bible known as the Septuagint also describes the ark as having a pyramidal design. The same was written by medieval authors like Maimonides, however.

The fact that Noah was able to escape ancient Egypt thanks to this discovery led to the idea that he was really a pharaoh. Pyramids were indeed a symbol of success in the ancient Egyptian empire.

This hypothesis has the potential to fundamentally alter the course of history and increase the significance of the pyramids. For now, additional research into the Dead Sea Scrolls should prove it true.

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