Did dinosaurs evolve into reptilian beings?

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Dale Russell, a naturalist, proposed the “Russell hypothesis” in 1982, which proposed that dinosaurs could have evolved had they not gone extinct. These evolved into humanoids that closely resembled recognized reptilians.

Os dinossauros evoluíram para seres reptilianos?

the Troodon It was a bipedal dinosaur with human weight and enormous cranial capacity. According to Russell’s hypothesis, an evolutionary process would likely follow this species extinct and result in unexpected results, the “Reptilians”.

Russell’s hypothesis and the evolution of Troodon
Even if it’s just a theory, could there be an evolution that science doesn’t yet know about? Dinosaurs were alive until about 66 million years ago.

If any species managed to resist extinction, it is very likely that it followed an evolutionary path that led to it. adjusting to the environment while adopting a human appearance while still being smarter.

Russell’s hypothesis was refuted by Vale Russell, a paleontologist at the Canadian Museum of Natural Science who later worked for the North Carolina Museum, where he conducted research on these ideas.

It is important to note that Russell’s hypothesis is based on a “what if” rather than the actual existence of these creatures. His theory was based on the Troodon, a unique type of dinosaur. This predator weighed about 60 kilograms and lived for more than 75 million years.

Studies have shown that the predator had a significantly larger cranial capacity than other species that lived there at the time of its existence.

As a result, he explained what might have happened if this creation had evolved into something quite different over time. It should be noted that the Troodon was bitten with two keys and three fingers.

The Troodon as a Modern Reptilian

O Troodon como um reptiliano moderno

Russell suggested that the passage of time had given him some eyes bigger than mine. Surprisingly, this creature already had a binocular vision system similar to ours.

In keeping with its cognitive ability, years of evolution have given it a larger brain, increasing the size of its skull. It would include walking completely upright and supporting your head with your neck. just like humans.

Likewise, if I evolved into a bipedal creature, I would lose my reproductive organs and continue to function in the same way as today’s reptiles.

Russell hypothesizes that these beings have developed a type of communication similar to a train of sparrows. A unique feature that would set them apart from human mammals.

Even if it is possible that over time more claws will appear, this reptile would still have the three that belonged to its ancestors. This would help create increasingly complex tools.

Is it possible that Russell’s hypothesis is true, given the number of ancient myths and cults associated with reptile-like creatures? Do ancient deities really represent an intelligent evolution of dinosaurs, the so-called Reptilians?

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