Researcher Claim That “The US Anti-Gravity Space Vehicles Are Actually Made Using Alien Technology”

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Nikola Tesla and other scientists were able develop antigravity gadgets which float in the sky. Bob Lazar worked as an engineer at Area 51 and claims to have reverse-engineered an unidentified flying object’s antigravity propulsion technology.

John Hutchinson was an example of someone who invented antigravitational technology by using alternating current magnetics. Eric Laithwhaite was also capable of conducting tests that demonstrated that any wheel spinning at an extremely fast rate has antigravitational characteristics.

Otis T. Carr, who was a Tesla collaborator, said that the antigravitational engine-powered flying car was a huge success. The FBI, however, seized all of Tesla’s notebooks and papers following his death.

Antigravitational technology appears to be hidden because unlike automobiles and aircraft, they don’t require oil. This would make it difficult for oil companies that provide funding to the US government to continue their operations.

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