George Knapp Believes This US Company Helps Govt. In Reverse-Engineering UFOs

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What UFOs actually are is one of the mysteries that the entire world is yearning to have answered. Top agencies from all around the world invest millions of dollars to uncover this reality and determine the cause of numerous UFO sightings. George Knapp recently broke a story about an Alabama-based private company that he asserts might be working with alien technology.

Controversial physicist Bob Lazar told long ago about the alleged secret US program aimed to reverse engineer the alien technology. Perhaps he knows something that we do not. Investigative American journalist George Knapp was the first person who interviewed Lazar and brought his story to the world. Now, Mr. Kanpp believes that a private American company named “Radiance Technologies” might be reverse engineering UFOs.

Radiance Technologies, Inc. is an employee-owned small business prime contractor. It has over 900 employees working in more than 15 U.S. and international offices. It serves customers in the Department of Defense (DOD), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the national intelligence community, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), other government organizations, and selected commercial customers.

In 2021, the US Congress passed a bill (soon-to-become law) that would allow funding to reverse engineer UFO technology. In a few months, the Pentagon created an office to track UAP, and NASA also joined in the investigation. Any data gathered could also be used in funding requests to “replicate any such advanced characteristics and performance” of UAPs, according to This means that government plans to encourage the reverse engineering of UFOs.

Mr. Knapp claims that this private defense contractor has an office inside Wright-Patterson Air Base that is known for holding alleged UFO material. Radiance Technologies has quietly become a major player in developing Cutting Edge weapons and systems for the Pentagon but unlike some of its larger competitors Radiance without hesitant talks about a topic long considered Fringe or forbidden UFOs. (Source)

George Knapp Pentagon UFO

Tim Tinsley, a president of Radiance Technology avidly said that he would like to work on UFO technology if somebody offered them to do it. “Why not,” he says. “I’m waiting for one of those.” Tinsley is an engineer who spent two decades working on missile defense systems before joining Radiance.

Mr. Knapp hinted (as per the information available on their website) that Radiance deals in exotic defense Technologies such as Star Wars-like direct energy, Hypersonic missile systems to defend against cyber warfare, etc.

Perhaps they are working on other unclassified projects at Nellis Air Force Base, however, Tinsley refrained himself telling about it. “I can’t tell you a lot,” Tinsley said. “I can tell is you is we’ve supported the Las Vegas community, Nellis Air Force Base, for over 20 years.” He noted the work is mainly for the Air Force in research and development, test and evaluation spectrum.

For more than three decades, Nellis Air Force Base has been rumored to be the home of mysterious materials of unknown origin. The rumor claims that a top-secret operation located at or close to Nevada’s Area 51 military base has been attempting to reverse-engineer alien technology. However, this rumor has been dismissed as folklore by military organizations and defense companies.

However, Radiance Technology is unable to validate the claims. Longtime Navy intelligence official Jay Stratton, who earlier served as the chief of the Pentagon’s unidentified aerial phenomenon, or UAP, task force, was hired as a reverse engineering specialist, according to an announcement made months ago. (Source)

“I am very excited to join Radiance Technologies. Radiance has a great culture, balancing mission focus and vision with a strong emphasis on the professional and personal growth of our employees. I’m excited to provide our customers with a diverse and innovative approach to delivering capabilities and supporting our nation in strategic competition,” said Stratton.

Dr. Travis Taylor, who collaborated with him as the lead scientist for the UAP task team, was recommended for hire by Stratton to Radiance. When Radiance announced the hire of two UFO research veterans, the news releases didn’t downplay the association and specifically mentioned their credentials. But is the business concerned about the notion that they could be creating UFOs through reverse engineering? (Source)

Taylor, for his part, isn’t saying what he and Stratton are working on but makes it clear what they’re hoping to tackle, writes Mr. Knapp. “Jay and I are working on growing the capabilities, doing reverse engineering of foreign materials,” Taylor explained. “If we were to get something to reverse engineer, we would absolutely want to do that.”

During an interview for On Balance With Leland Vittert, a member of the US House of Representatives Tim Burchett was asked about the Navy’s possession of more videos of UFOs that it is not willing to release to the public for reasons of National Security.

First of all, Burchett again highlighted the UFO cover-up by the intelligence agencies and the Department of Defense, recalling what happened at the last public hearing in Congress. “We are the most technologically advanced nation in the world, and they present us with these lousy videos, which — during the hearing — weren’t even able to pause properly to show us two or three frames,” he said. “Everything is bad, they don’t trust us. It’s all about power and control,” he added.

Vittert then asked the Congressman about the statement issued by the Navy and how they are refusing to release any more videos showing UAP. He questioned whether this might be because it is a proprietary technology that adversary nations should not know about. The Congressman replied by saying that he thinks the United States Government had probably reverse-engineered alien technology. He claims that many sightings are made on military installations or over restricted airspace.

The Congressman was also asked about his thoughts on whether the Navy was working on technology that could have applications in space or similar to that. In addition, he was asked whether he thought Roswell was a weather balloon. “They are covering it up, and American taxpayers should sue them. It’s so compartmentalized that probably a lot of the people working on it — reverse engineering projects — don’t even know what they’re working on,” he said.

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