Extraterrestrial AI Robot Threat Is Real, Nick Pope Warns They Could Hunt Humans

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The quest to find extraterrestrial life has recently inspired scientists around the globe after NASA announced its scientific study on UFOs. Moreover, out-of-the-box thinker and Harvard Astrophysicist Avi Loeb is determined that he would find Extraterrestrial Technological Civilizations (ETCs) through his initiative “Project Galileo.” But what if this search turns into a threat to humankind? Nick Pope suggested that in the future, Earth would encounter extraterrestrial AI robots that could wipe out human civilization.

Man-made probes have almost reached all planets in the Solar System and successfully transmitted their photographs. Voyager-1 is still active, cruising in interstellar space at more than 14 billion miles from Earth. We may never know if it is received by an alien civilization because one day, it is likely to stop sending signals. But according to Von Neumann’s “Theory of self-reproducing automata,” advanced intelligence must have already deployed probes, a species of self-replicating robots. And that is an alarming situation for us.

The former head of the UK Ministry of Defense’s UFO project Nick Pope suggests that in the future, humans may encounter “immortal thinking machines” created by an advanced civilization from elsewhere in the universe. He is concerned that alien AI machines would see competing lifeforms such as human beings as a potential threat to their own existence. (Source)

At a Secret Space Program conference held in Silicon Valley, Mr. Pope said that a highly advanced alien civilization would not only have better Propulsion systems and energy sources than us but also biotech and artificial intelligence.

He said: “NASA’s former Chief Historian Steven Dick said we may be living in a largely post-biological universe populated by immortal thinking machines. If we are dealing with extraterrestrials and some of that is AI, instead of a landing on the White House lawn, might that AI not reach out to our AI?”

Mr. Pope warned: “Might first contact happen in that way? “That also ties in with the Dark Forest theory, which suggests that all civilizations keep their heads down and don’t broadcast because of the fear that there might be a super predator species out there, possibly AI.”

“It may have either destroyed that original biological life or just evolved and traveled, but any sentient AI program probably has self-preservation programmed into it. Its first principle would be to not let itself be destroyed by anything. If it then perceived that another civilization evolving to a higher level could destroy it, it might decide that the safest strategy would be to wipe out those civilizations before they become a threat.”

Extraterrestrial Technosignatures

Mr. Pope’s concern may sound like a plot of a sci-fiction film but cannot be ignored. According to a recent study conducted by a team of Venezuelan researchers and scientists, Earth is being pummeled by derelict alien spacecraft. (Source)

The team led by BP Embaid, a physicist from the Central University of Venezuela, have been looking for the invention of two minerals since 1975. Heideite and Brezinaite, two minerals that, according to scientists, can also be created in a lab are somehow found in meteorites on Earth.

“The genesis of these meteoritic minerals could require a controlled and sophisticated process not easily found in nature – such as being from derelict technology. Believability is robust only when additional experiments are conducted, and verified independently, that these are not natural.”

“If many attempts are made and this hypothesis is still unfalsified, then we may start asking ourselves about the possibility that these minerals were made by industrial processes—in other words, that they are technosignatures,” Embaid said.

Strange Encounter

The Central Intelligence Agency of the United States is credited for bringing out the psychic phenomenon called remote viewing, which was actively performed in the 1970s, according to the declassified files of the Stargate Project (1975 to 1995). Those who are fond of UFOlogy might clearly know Minnesota Deputy Val Johnson’s incident, which became the most notorious UFO case.

Newspaper reporter Ken Korczak became a ghostwriter, who has done a tremendous job in an attempt to solve the 43-year-old Minnesota Deputy Val Johnson’s UFO incident. Korczak has written a series of articles, discussing the case on his personal blog where he concluded Deputy Val Johnson possibly encountered a highly advanced extraterrestrial or nonhuman intelligence.

Remote viewing was developed by the Stanford Research Institute at the behest of the CIA and DoD intelligence agencies. And Ken Korczak finds it plausible to discover new information in a 43-year-old unsolved case. He took the help of a remote viewer, psychic, and ESP Extraordinaire Buddy Bolton.

Val Johnson ufo incident

Korczak writes that Bolton’s RV abilities have been studied by an array of government and private sector scientific agencies. Bolton is highly regarded by American physicist Russell Targ, who is best known for his work on remote viewing. Brandon Fugal, a multi-millionaire and chairman of Colliers International — Utah, called Bolton “truly gifted.” Fugal is the current owner of the famous Skinwalker Ranch.

The following is the data produced by remote viewer Bolton’s RV sensing of the object that confronted Johnson in 1979:

“This object is a probe. It is circular, has crisscross lines all over it — and has a squarish aspect — but it’s really a circle. It’s definitely not “black ops.” It is covered with the material — It’s a metal that is like a glassy alloy, like a charcoal-silver. The surface material is a classic kind of nanomaterial that enables a computational ability to spread across its surface. Other computational processes are spread across layers inside. There is an enormous load of fantastically high-end technology crammed into these objects. Sometimes this object has a little blinking light on it.”

“One of them was having a few technical difficulties. There is a catalyst liquid contained within a small chamber inside. It’s insanely efficient! Makes no noise, no sound — absolutely nothing is wasted. No ancillary energy wastes. The object is non-organic. Even though it is not a biological organism, it has the quality of being sentient because of the extreme sophistication of its AI-like computational ability.”

According to Bolton, the object was created by a super-intelligent race that has long evolved to a post-biological stage. The object is at least 100,000 years old, but not older than that. “The objects on earth were most likely replicated on Mars. Before that, they came from a distant origin outside our solar system.”

“It has main hubs which look like giant green cubes — but they can change into several different geometric shapes. They’re exceptionally large — like a quarter of a mile — and if you destroyed all of them except for one this race would still be alive. They have many backup hubs.

Just one probe originally entered our solar system. All others are replicated from that first probe. There seem to be at least 30 of them distributed on Earth at the time.

My impression is that they had a “home base” on the moon — but have since backed off to Ganymede since many of Earth’s space-faring nations are sending probes and imaging satellites to the moon and Mars now. The object works on a principle similar to a Von Neumann Machine.”

Harvard Professor Avi Loeb collected scientific data during the three space-related events: CNEOS 2014–01–08, “Oumuamua” & an interstellar comet. The first two objects are completely outliners, as Dr. Loeb said. He is positive about the extraterrestrial origin of the first two interstellar objects as the data he received on them is weird in the history of astronomy.

In his blog on The Debrief, Dr. Loeb, while supporting Von Neumann’s theory, explains that “in the coming decades, our technological civilization is likely to launch much smaller and more resilient spacecraft, equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) and 3D printers, that can repair themselves and last much longer. In fact, self-replicating probes might be the most abundant in interstellar space, as they could multiply exponentially in time by using the raw materials available on habitable planets throughout the galaxy.”

Dr. Loeb asserted that by the next decade, we could find a functional device from another technological civilization. “We should at the very least search our “backyard” in the Solar system for artifacts from our neighbors. Some of these objects may be intelligent, while others will burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere,” he said.

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