Jeremy Corbell’s New Video May Prove Bob Lazar Worked At Secret UFO Base In Area-51

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Bob Lazar was again trending on Twitter after former Pentagon chief scientist Travis Taylor hysterically called him Area-51 “Janitor” at PhenomeCon 2022. Many people speculated it was again done to discredit Lazar’s credibility by the government. But Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell came in support of Lazar, sharing staggering information that corroborates Lazar’s testimonies.

Robert “Bob” Scott Lazar is the most controversial figure linked to alleged secret activities related to extraterrestrials and UFOs supposedly happening at Area-51. Thirty-three years ago, he claimed to have worked as an engineer on reverse engineering alien spacecraft near Area-51 at a hangar called S-4.

Investigative reporter George Knapp should be applauded for bringing up Lazar’s story to the world in 1989. He told Knapp that he was a physicist working at S-4, a government laboratory near Groom lake (Area-51 was not officially acknowledged by the US government at that time). However, he did not share (or could not) any evidence to validate his statements which subsequently surrounded him with suspicion.

Since then, Lazar’s identity as an Area-51 scientist has always been discussed by other people in the UFOlogy. Recently, Dr. Travis Scott has also been seen discrediting Bob Lazar and said he did work at Area-51 but as a janitor. Many users find it a direct attack on Lazar’s credentials as he failed to show his qualifications. However, there are credible experts that have confirmed Lazar’s work at Area-51. (Click here to read the full article)

In 1989, Robert Lazar, a shadowy figure claiming to work at Area-51, spoke for Las Vegas-area television station KLAS-TV. In a series of interviews, Lazar told stories of a project to reverse engineer alien technology. The project centered on nine different UFOs collected by the U.S. Government over decades and hidden in hangers in a location named S-4. Lazar’s information about S-4 corroborated with Papoose Lake, a now-dry lake bed just miles southwest of Area-51.

As the interviews continued, Lazar went into detail about the intentional construction of the hangars at a devious angle and military attempts to camouflage the buildings at Papoose Lake, which is about 17 miles south of Groom Lake.

Now, Jeremy Corbell provided incredible information that might support Lazar’s claim on this unique and highly camouflaged building at Papoose Lake. Corbell shared a video of Knapp where he discusses a real story of a civilian who snuck onto the Area-51 base and took a look at Papoose Lake.

According to the 1998 report published in the “Los Angeles Times” entitled “A Search on Forbidden Ground,” an archeologist named Jerry Freeman snuck into the forbidden zone of Area-51 during his expedition to retrace the route of the Lost ‘49ers. Freeman is the only civilian known to have gained access to where Bob Lazar said a hidden military installation was.

Jeremy Corbell Bob Lazar Area-51 work
George Knapp holds the photograph of archeologist Jerry Freeman. Image credit: YouTube screencap

He hiked to Nye Canyon and Papoose Lake – two sites mentioned in the wagon train journal. The canyon is where the 1849 inscription was carved in rock; the dry lake bed is where pioneers pitched camp the last time before splitting up and sending one group to its Death Valley doom.

Corbell writes: “However, many people like to claim that Jerry Freeman never reported seeing anything unusual at Papoose Lake… that his excursion was uneventful, and that somehow his account throws shade on what Bob Lazar told us.” He shared a video clip where George Knapp heard the story directly from Jerry. Additionally, it also contains an audio interview Jerry did with radio host Art Bell.

Here is the audio transcript of what Freeman described happened with him at Papoose Lake during the night:

“I could clearly see security lights on the perimeters and I could see lights that opened and closed near the center of the lake. I felt vibration, I know I wasn’t imagining it because there was sand coming down just on the other side. I thought well hey ‘an earthquake’ well then I realized this is not an earthquake it continued and continued for maybe nearly two minutes. It’s something they’re testing either directly underground or I was feeling vibrations completely from Groom Lake. I don’t know. I think if they’d have caught me in there that it’ll lift me up like a Roman Candle.”

Mr. Knapp told Corbell that he himself talked with Freeman who had no idea what flying saucers were, as well as who Bob Lazar and John Lear were. “I inherited a lot of his files. He says he was out at night by Papoose and all of a sudden out of nowhere a door opens up. I mean like just a door in space a light a bluish light that opened up a doorway to who knows where and then poof it was gone. He told unfortunately as he traversed the Nevada Test Site, he ran into pockets of radiation and got contracted cancer and died,” Knapp said.

George Knapp stated that he had spoken with former employees who worked with Bob and verified that he was a physicist, however, these claims were made informally and off the record. Knapp said that those employees were Lazar’s friends and only specifically named Joe Vaninetti as the person who confirmed it. Vaninetti had a significant interest in UFOs and was involved in UFO research with Bob, both before and after Bob claimed to have worked at S-4.

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