“City with the Most UFO Sightings in the World” Explored in New Documentary.

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According to a local councillor, over 60,000 local residents have reported seeing a UFO in a small village in Scotland that has unwittingly become a UFO hotspot.

Thousands of UFO sightings have been reported over a region of just over 20 miles, with around 300 sightings a year since the 1990s.

Right in the middle of the Falkirk Triangle, which includes Stirling, Cumbernauld and Falkirk, lies Bonnybridge.

Businessman James Walker reported the first incident in 1992, claiming to have observed a bright star-shaped object floating above the road, totally obstructing his path.

Walker claimed the thing pulled up in front of his automobile and quickly drove off.

Since that night, there have been hundreds of sightings, making it look like UFOs can’t stay away from the area.

It even earned the nickname “Scottish Roswell”, and local councilor Billy Buchanan called several UK Prime Ministers to request that they launch an investigation into the recent spate of sightings.

Councilor Buchanan appears in a new documentary The Bonnybridge Files: The Town With The Most UFO Sightings In The World, where he explains: “Since this first happened in 1992, I have been to London for every Prime Minister since that period. of time, asking them to make an investigation into the Bonnybridge phenomena.

“When the Scottish Parliament was established I went to the Scottish Parliament in the same way and asked them to investigate what was happening in the Bonnybridge area.

“And there is still no politician, political party, government or prime minister who has taken over.

Ufologists from around the world have traveled to the region as a result of the sightings, but it remains unclear why the place is so beloved by extraterrestrials.

“Bonnybridge is a small Scottish town located right in the center of the so-called Falkirk Triangle, one of the regions with the most UFO sightings in the world,” a spokeswoman for the documentary told the Falkirk Herald.

“Em pouco mais de 20 milhas quadradas do triângulo imaginário que une as cidades de Stirling, Cumbernauld e Falkirk – com uma população de cerca de 165.000 habitantes – mais de 60.000 pessoas dizem que tiveram um avistamento ou que acreditam fortemente nisso.”

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