Astronauts recorded three UFOs while on board the International Space Station

Chưa phân loại

On an expedition to the International Space Station, the astronaut was able to grab video of three triangular UFOs that evidently flew by their station. According to the video and the astronaut’s comments, the UFOs somehow managed to pass him and the station in fewer than a few seconds, which implies that these alien life forms had access to technologies that we could only think about.

More and more images have been collected in the area of the ISS since late. Might it be a response from them? Are they warning us of what’s to come in the immediate future? What does this refer to mankind as a whole? For the time being, all we’ve got is a brief film, but hopefully, we’ll get our responses.

We still do it. I can only imagine what UFO activity is up there when they’re not filming.

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