Former “CIA” agent talks about UFOs: “Something big will come in 2027”.

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Recently, a former member of Central Intelligence spoke about extraterrestrial phenomena. John Ramirez, suggesting that he was keeping too many details on the subject, said in an interview that something “big” would soon happen in the year 2027.
Since the beginning of 2021, John Ramírez -former member of the CIA- has been in constant activism to offer information about UFOs from a personal perspective. He has a strong presence on social networks, where he discusses issues related to UFO sightings and has a large set of knowledge and experiences related to the subject. These mysteries have never been addressed by the government until now.

A retired employee of the Central Intelligence Agency recently spoke about the alleged existence of unidentified flying objects.

From 1984 to 2009, John Ramírez served with the CIA as an expert in anti-ballistic defense systems. He achieved the agency’s GS-15 grade, an above-average position, having done significant work for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Directorate of Science and Technology, and the Directorate of Intelligence.
Ramírez’s appearance on the Witness Citizen podcast generated a great deal of interest among those interested in unidentified flying objects. This figure later had the opportunity to assist him at Project Unity in guiding investigators through the FOIA process with his own slideshow. His contribution helped her point out which specific agencies to contact for different types of information.
Recently, John Ramirez decided to leave his job with the agency as a GS-15 level officer.
For everyone’s knowledge, a multimedia material has been placed on the Web that has information regarding UFOs. These slides also contain current views and comments from former US intelligence officials, including John Ratcliffe, former director of the National Intelligence Department.
Revelations referring to occupants of UFOs
The United States government has not spoken out regarding the beings that reside in the UFOs, according to what Ramírez said during his interview with Project Unity. He supports the idea that these spaceships could be inhabited by some kind of non-human intelligence.
It is making news that former CIA agent Ramírez said that UFOs could be some kind of extraterrestrial intelligence, and in this case he is not the only one. Former director John Brennan also recently pointed out that the strange lights seen in the skies were caused by some form of non-human life.
Brennan stated
It is necessary to make sure that you have a lot of information in terms of visuals and the information obtained with the use of different sensors to determine the state of the environment.
Ramírez expressed his curiosity about the idea that the United States does not want to address the issue of who or what beings are in UFOs. Ramírez maintained that it is possible that the Air Force plays its part in this, however, not for apparent reasons.
Ramírez intervened commenting on it.
The Air Force has managed to cause controversy with the use of technology related to the triangles they sight high in the sky. This situation makes people think that they are UFOs since they cannot correctly identify those ships. Therefore, it seeks to keep its existence a secret so as not to generate confusion or chaos among the public.
Ramírez’s views caused many people to begin to speculate regarding the sightings of triangular planes that are known as the TR-3B. This hypothesis was reinforced by Tom Delonge when he entered the Joe Rogan Experience as a guest, where he suggested that the United States government and even intelligence services were involved in the production and use of these ships. Furthermore, he added that the triangular design contains human efforts to symbolize modern technology.
Recently, Ramírez mentioned his peculiar alien encounters, which included an exploration in a circular spacecraft. Other CIA members also claimed to have seen unidentified apparitions. In addition, his missile defense work allowed him to see with his own eyes when Russian radars detected unknown flying objects; they even once tried to invite him to land.
According to Ramírez, CIA historian Gerald Haines referenced a study that had been carried out from 1947 to the early 1990s, and was related to the UFO phenomenon. The surprising thing was that it was discovered that the internal division in charge was the so-called Office of Scientific Intelligence, where scientists specialized in life sciences and medicine participated; which raised questions regarding the interest in the possible remains of extraterrestrial entities.
At an event with Project Unity, Ramirez hinted that all of us would possess a mix of human and alien lineage. This would mean that we have forgotten our common past, which hides the probability of being creatures composed of both humans and extraterrestrial beings.

Something big will happen in 2027…
During the Radio program headed by Martin Wills, the famous researcher Ramírez affirmed something very incredible. He says that there are certain evil entities that are infiltrating Earth to make humanity believe their lies. When Wills asked what would happen if there was a mass landing of these strange beings, Ramirez commented if we would all prepare for the conflict or really try to build something together.
Ramírez had an answer.
The US government has recently passed several laws in relation to the extraterrestrial presence that is suspected right now. Although people might be afraid of this fact, the government is already preparing the population to understand what is in outer space, and it has until 2027 as the deadline to achieve it.
Word has spread among official departments that something big is going to happen in 2027, and we need to be ready for it. The dialogue between the various parts of the government has echoed that we need to make sure we are ready for what is to come.
A few years ago, Lou Elizondo pointed out that very soon, in five years at the most, the truth about everything related to the subject of UFOs would come out. This feeling was confirmed since, according to government authorities, a plan is being prepared to inform and clear up society’s questions before 2027. Investigations have been going on for seven decades and now is when it seems to quickly emerge and be recognized. for all.

The phenomenon of UFOs and the presence of suspicious aerial objects in the sky is becoming more common. This raises the question of whether these experiences are part of a preparation for something bigger to come in the coming years, particularly 2027 as predicted by John Ramírez. If we take his words seriously, then those behind it all could be hiding something or pulling strings right now.
What awaits us in six years? Will we see a massive encounter with extraterrestrial beings? Or perhaps an incredible phenomenon in the skies that reveals the existence of extraterrestrial life? There’s no way to know now, so we just have to wait until then to see what the future holds.

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