Former CIA Agent Warns ‘Something Big’ About UFOs Will Be Revealed In 2027

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This is John Ramírez, who worked for 25 years at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The former agent stated that the government is aware of an impending event in 2027 that will reveal something quite significant, so people are preparing to avoid mass panic.

The statement was made during a live podcast with Martin Wills that took place at the end of December last year. When asked what would happen if there was a massive alien landing on our planet, Ramírez responded as follows:

“I think that the dialogue that we have now in this country, even with the recent legislation – to create AARO, the new arm of the Department of Defense to investigate UFOs – is a way of preparing the American public and, by extension, the world population, for the reality that there is a presence here that we need to explain. If they show up and we continue to do what we did before in previous decades, there will be mass panic. However, it will be different if we understand that they are real.

“In many ways, I think the word has gotten out within the government that they will show up in 2027, and we better be prepared. If not, there will be a lot to explain.

“That is why in 2017 — with the disclosure of the Navy videos — a 10-year clock began to tick. It is also the reason why Lue Elizondo said earlier this year (2022) to find a 5-year hobby, as “everything will be ready” by then.

»The people in the government are aware that something is happening, and that there is limited time, a few more years to prepare the people. That is what is concluding this acceleration, from the previous seven decades where they didn’t even acknowledge the issue, to now recognizing it at an increasingly rapid rate.”

Ramírez gives some clues in another part of the interview, suggesting that instead of being an extraterrestrial presence, the phenomenon would rather have interdimensional or extraterrestrial overtones. He also that the presumed revelation to happen by 2027 will have great implications for understanding our own origins as a species.

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