Renowned scientist claimed that crop circles are messages left by aliens and time travelers

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* A molecular biologist with a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the California Institute of Technology (Calthech) claimed to have decoded the messages in the crop circles and many of them contain messages from aliens and humans who have traveled through time.

* Before he yells “FAKE!”, he can also explain the differences between man-made crop circles (by humans today) and those made by aliens and time travelers.

Dr. Horace Drew grew up in Florida, USA, where he claimed to see a silver, windowless UFO at the age of 10.

After earning his Ph.D., Horace moved to Australia to work for the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) as a Molecular Biologist.

However, his greatest fascination has been investigating everything related to extraterrestrials and also to farm fields, an activity that he has developed over the last 20 years. He has also lectured at the March UFO & Paranormal Research Society in Australia and others in Sydney.

For Horace Drew, a crop circle is made up of straight stalks of wheat that have been flattened into a circle or more complex pattern.

They generally tend to appear in Western or Eastern developed countries such as Japan.

According to the researcher, after having studied agrograms all over the world (which are between 50 and 500 meters long), he has concluded that some of them provide general descriptions of the future.

“There are crop circles that show schematic images of the future for astronomical or human events.”

In addition, he commented that some of these decoded messages said:

“A lot of pain, but there is still time” or “beware of the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises; We oppose cheating.”

Communication between different species?

Dr. Drew has developed at least two theories about the purpose of the circles by reading their “advanced binary codes”. One of them says that aliens are trying to come to us peacefully.

“When (humans) want to talk to dolphins, we put little circles of bubbles under the ocean with a generator. We watch the dolphins come up and play and investigate, and we study them. This is called a ‘dolphin communication project.'”
Messages that travel in time?

His second theory is that the messages “aren’t even for us.” According to him, human time travelers from the far future could create the circles as directional markers, to help them navigate their distant past, which is our present.

In this sense, the researcher maintains that the humans of the future “are coming back and flying all over the Earth.”

Dr. Drew suggests that they seem to say, “This is a certain day” and mark it.

How are crop circles made?

Dr. Drew thinks the circles appear to be created by an “unknown energy that heats the crops up”, as shown in the video below.

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